What don’t you need to know about “The Cloud”?

Post 2 1200x1200In a word: “Everything”.

OK. You see that stuff in the speech bubble? You don’t need to know any of that stuff. In fact the idea of “The Cloud” originated as shorthand for white boarding technical architectures. It represented the unknown. It represented the (for now) unimportant. It represented the (frankly) incomprehensible.

Note to any techie scolds reading this: The word Cloud has more meanings than your narrow definition of it. Yes, marketers stole the word, get over it already. In fact the first use of the term “Cloud Computing” was coined to describe Compaq Computers internet business strategy in the early 1990s.

OK. There are a many blogs on Cloud Computing for techies. I follow those blogs so you don’t have to and I am not going to write about any of that. If that’s your thing this one is good. But for creative entrepreneurs, which is the audience my blog is focused on, this stuff really, really doesn’t matter.

OK. So what do I plan to blog about? First and foremost, what problem are you trying to solve or what result are you trying to achieve?  In other words, how does a particular Cloud App help you succeed? And to answer that I am going to be looking at Cloud App functionality, costs, time to setup and maintain, security and privacy of your information, mobile capability, analytics and reporting, ease of import and export, future directions of the software, and the viability of the vendor. And last but not least, aesthetics and good design. As creative entrepreneurs the tools we use every day should be beautiful as well as practical.

Most of my posts will be reviews of specific Cloud Apps, so to keep it simple I created the following 5 point Likert Scale graphic. Next week on Wednesday see my post on How to Get Paid Faster with a Cloud App called Wave.

Likert Scale

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